Having the knowledge of where to exchange currency at the best rates is very important, especially if you’re traveling abroad or want to start up a business internationally. Your two main options are to either go to a local bank or you go to a dedicated currency exchange provider like a bureau de change.

Though local banks may seem like a definite place to exchange currency, they are not the best option because they won’t always offer the best currency exchange rates. On the other hand, a Bureau de Change specializes in foreign exchange and has the capacity to offer the most competitive rates available. For example, with Respected FX, if you are exchanging a large sum of money, you could make significant savings and get the most out of the transaction

Why it’s important to get the best exchange rates

Let’s assume you want to exchange $50,000 to Naira. If you exchange this amount at anything but the best currency exchange rates, you’re losing money on every dollar. You see, any slight difference in the exchange rates could mean a lot and have major impact on the amount you take home.

Though not all Bureau de change offer the best exchange rates but with a currency exchange specialist like Respected FX, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your money at the best rates.

Now let’s dive into what you can do if you were searching for the best currency exchange rates in  the market…

Tips for finding the best currency exchange rate

  1. Research
    This might seem like the obvious thing to do but you’ll be surprised at how people just accept basic exchange rates from vendors because of their lack of due diligence. Except you’re in a rush, it’s advisable to plan ahead and check the market for the best exchange rates – preferably from a reliable and licensed currency exchange broker. It’s understandable that not everyone has the time for long hours of research. That’s why Respected FX scours the market daily for competitive rates and nobody will give you better rates than Respected FX.
  1. Consider exchanging medium to large volume
    With most currency exchange brokers, the higher the volume of transaction the better rates you get. Having more currency to exchange is good and advisable when you want to undergo an exchange. If you don’t have a lot of money to exchange, you could team up with a friend or business partner who wants to exchange currency too and get better rates altogether. But if you still can’t find a solution, there’s no need to worry. Respected FX will still offer you the best currency exchange rates you can find in the market.
  1. Wait for the right currency exchange rates
    The forex market is very volatile with rates constantly fluctuating. Depending on your comfort levels, you can wait for rates you’re fairly comfortable with. Though there’s no 100% assurance that the currency exchange rates will move in your favour, it still might be worth the shot though.

Exchange currency today at the best rates

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Respected FX is a Bureau de change licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria – offering the most competitive currency exchange rates in Nigeria. With Respected FX, you will always have access to the best market rates and a currency exchange professional to guide you through the process with a focus on your needs.

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